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Shows: The garden show


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The garden show

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I last modified this show description on 9-17-17 (MM-DD-YY).

I am simply a user.  I have no other connection to .

I am simply a listener to WCTC.  I have no other connection to WCTC or {The garden show}.


I set DAR to stop recording {The garden show} at 10:03a rather than 10:00a Eastern Time, to allow for 2 things. –

1. {wCtc’s digital audio stream} lags-behind {wCtc’s radio broadcast} by between 50 and 78 seconds, according to the few (not extensive) observations I’ve made.  

{The garden show}’s {radio broadcast} ends within the range of 9:59:49a - 10:00:02a .

Therefore, {The garden show}’s {digital audio stream} ends at as late as 10:00:02a + 0:00:78 = 10:01:20a .

2. When I’ve scheduled DAR to record a show having a duration of 123 minutes, DAR actually records in 9 parts × 13:36 = 2:02:24 , which is 36 seconds less than 123 minutes (2:03:00) .

(I don’t know why DAR behaves that “less than” way.)

Therefore, DAR stops recording at 8:00:00a + 2:02:24 = 10:02:24a .

A {stop recording} time of 10:02:24a affords 1:04 (M:SS) of margin of safety beyond the 10:01:20a {show stream} {ending time} mentioned in ¶ "1." above.


wCtc never broadcasts {AP radio news}, at 8:00:00a on Sunday.

wCtc usually does not broadcast {AP radio news}, at 9:00:00a on Sunday. 

wCtc always broadcasts {AP radio news}, at 10:00:00a on Sunday.

The 1st hour of {The garden show}’s radio broadcast begins at usually 8:04:00a .

When wCtc does not broadcast {AP radio news} at 9:00:00a , the 2nd hour of {The garden show}’s radio broadcast begins at 9:04:20a .

When wCtc does yes broadcast {AP radio news} at 9:00:00a , the 2nd hour of {The garden show}’s radio broadcast begins at 9:07:20a .

By the way – wCtc doesn’t ever broadcast its own {top of the hour} tone.  Sometimes, when wCtc doesn’t cut-off the beginning of {AP radio news}, wCtc broadcasts the {top of the hour} tone which seems like it’s part of the beginning of {AP radio news}.