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John Phillips

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OC Native John Phillips brings wit, political connections, and insight to “The John Phillips Show

<p>There is nothing John loves more or does better than tell the uncomfortable truth about all the most fascinating— and sometimes shocking--- stories in the news. There are a lot of self-important people who are just begging to be satirized, and we are all exposed to a lot of smugly sanctimonious mass media. John sees it as his God-given mission to tear these people down!</p> <p>Until they decided to give John his own show, making him the youngest major-market Talk Show host in the country, John was sports anchor and executive producer for "McIntyre in the Morning”, producer for "The Al Rantel Show", news writer for the KNX Morning News with Frank Mottek and Gail Eichenthal, and a guest host on virtually every show ever cancelled by KABC.</p> <p>We’re not sure, but KABC management called on John to anchor special coverage of every disaster from Wildfires to the death of Michael Jackson, and they must have thought to themselves, “Let’s put this disaster on Monday through Friday!” Thus “The John Phillips Show” was born.</p> <p>After earning a magna cum laude B.A. in Political Science from Cal State Fullerton and a MA in American Politics from Claremont Graduate University, John learned that he had no desire to produce meaningful scholarly research in political science, but was truly meant to be a piano player in the Bordello of Politics, a Talk Radio Host. As he told his graduate advisor, “The world has enough academics… I belong on the Radio.”</p> <p>In between grad school and KABC, John spent a year as a public high school teacher at Sultana High School in Hesperia, CA. John considered this chapter in his life to be a smashing success: "Nobody got shot or raped. In my class room. During school hours. While I was there. Yea, I'll put it in the win column."</p> <p> </p> <p>John is a fourth generation Angeleno, enjoys dodging tires, oil pockets and used syringes as an avid ocean swimmer, he has an unhealthy and unnatural obsession with sitcoms, and he suffers from a crippling phobia of raw meat.</p> <div> </div>