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Step-by-Step: Downloading your recordings

PC or Mac

After you've recorded a show using
  1. When logged into, click the "settings" link (upper right corner). Then click the "Downloading" link and copy your personal downloading URL.
  2. If you have iTunes (Vers. 11) installed on your computer, you may click the "Add to iTunes" button and skip to step 5. (If you don't already have iTunes, download and install the free app on your PC or Mac and launch the program.)
  3. Under the iTunes File menu, select "Subscribe to podcast..."
  4. Type or paste the URL from step 1 in the resulting field, then click "OK"
  5. iTunes should automatically download the newest part of your recordings. If you don't see all of the shows you've recorded, click the Old Episodes Settings Icon button. Check the circle for each part you want or click the Add All button and then click Done. You'll then see all of the available parts; click the download button Download next to each part you want to download.
  6. To enable automatic downloading of all your recordings, click the Settings button Settings Icon and select All under the Download menu. Adjust any other Settings to your preference and then click Done.
  7. Once downloaded, you can sync your recordings to your Apple devices, burn to a CD or simply listen on your PC using iTunes.
  8. To play multi-part DAR recordings in sequence, we recommend creating a playlist in iTunes before syncing to your device. You'll find an easy way to create a playlist for your downloaded parts by clicking the "Add to" button. Select "New Playlist", rename your playlist if you wish and click Done.
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