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Q: How can I find the streaming URL to add to
A: Often these can be found on a station's website. Look for things like "Streaming Help" or "Listen on your own player" where many stations will post the stream. If you can't find it there, you can try contacting the station and asking for the streaming URL. If you're unable to obtain the URL this way, here are some other steps you can try:

Steps for finding streaming URLs for radio stations

  1. Go to Google .com and search for the station name and call letters and "pls" or "m3u" together in one search like this: kabc pls [OR] kabc m3u.
  2. Sift through the Google results looking for any URL that ends in .pls or .m3u. You may have to look through the search results to find streams that work and it may not be the first result that you find. Sometimes, though, a valid streaming URL may not include .m3u or .pls at all ( or could just be a string of numbers (, so you may need to test those as well. Try different URLs until you find one that works, by copying the entire URL and testing it in iTunes (Step 4).
  3. If you can't find the streaming URL by searching, another way is to capture it by using a detection tool while playing a station's web player. Here are steps for a couple of free options:
    1. Live HTTP Headers
      1. Get and install the free add-on for your Firefox browser.
      2. Open the station's player and launch Live HTTP Headers. Start the player and look in the Headers screen for URLs to test with iTunes. (You may want to click Clear to start with a fresh screen when you start the player, since the tool is looking at all of your browser activity.)
        Stream Help 1
    2. Replay AV
      1. Get the free app and install it on your Windows PC.
      2. Start the app (You can use this app for free in Demo Mode). Then launch the URL Finder from the Tools menu.
        Stream Help 2A
      3. Start the station's player and watch the URL Finder screen for URLs to test with iTunes. (You may want to Clear List to have a fresh screen before you start the player.)
        Stream Help 2B
  4. Test the URL in iTunes. Open iTunes. From the File menu select "Open Audio Stream" (Ctrl-U) paste the URL in. If you hear nothing that is not a correct URL. Keep trying different URLs until you hear the desired audio then you'll know you have a good URL.

    For additional help determining streaming URL formats for the common providers, please see here.
    Stream Help 3
  5. If you hear the desired audio then the URL is good and you can add it to here:
    In just minutes, you'll be able to record from this station!


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