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*Required Information

ex. KABC,


AM/FM only (1370, 104.1)

Click here for more help finding and testing good radio station URLs

*To ensure scheduling enter city/state/country (or that of nearby major city).

*Official (usually two-letter) state or region abbreviation or two-digit numeric postcode.

*To ensure scheduling enter city/state/country or a zipcode.

You MUST enter station timezone correctly to ensure proper recording and scheduling. ex. Station ZBOS broadcasts from Boston, set the GMT to Eastern. Station KLA broadcasts from Los Angeles, set it to Pacific. XCHI from Chicago, Central. Etc.

ex. "Today's Top Hits" or "Boston's Best Rock"

ex. "Listener supported Radio Paradise is located in Paradise, CA..."
You can usually find the long description on the station's website.

A direct link to the station's schedule page. Or, alternately, the station home page.

A direct link to the station's image.

ex. 555.555.5555

Stream starts with a station message.

Stream is geo IP blocked. Only listenable to users within a certain range of the station.


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